Labour law in Russia

Russian labour law offers protection to employees, and this results in a large number of mandatory rules and formalities. The first question is to determine when a relation may be considered an employment relation. The existence of an employment contract is not decisive in this respect, only the actual situation counts.

Would you like a quick consultation about a Russian employment issue? We may help you on any of the following:

  • general Russian labour law advice, outsourcing, payroll and tax issues;
  • drafting/reviewing of employment contracts, staff handbooks, advice on labor compliance,
  • workforce structuring and outsourcing, redundancies,
  • labor safety,
  • litigation and dispute resolution,
  • work permits and business immigration.

General employment advice

Juralink offers professional advice in the day to day management of local employees including standardization of client’s employment procedures or drafting an individual executive contract; developing staff handbooks, policies and incentive schemes; advising on dismissal strategies and conducting negotiation with employees in question enabling you to minimize financial consequences and/or to avoid the risk of litigation with this employee upon the termination of his/her employment contract.

Drafting/reviewing of labor contracts

We can prepare and review customized employment contracts, draft internal regulations and employment procedures or develop staff handbooks, policies and incentive schemes under Russian labour law.

Labour disputes
We can boast a considerable experience in settling labor disputes and pre-trial mediation of conflict, representing employees, CEO’s or senior management and defending our clients in the course of labor audits.

M&A employment issues in Russia
Would you like to know labor contingencies of a proposed company acquisition? Do you seek the most advantageous solutions for employee transfers in mergers, acquisitions, liquidations and post-merger reorganisations? Our attorneys can assist you with due diligence investigations and propose efficient schemes.

Labour safety
Companies involved in manufacturing, construction, or installation business may be considered hazardous environments for their employees. They need to apply strict safety regulations and obtain necessary certificates. Controls are being carried out regularly by local authorities, and fines can be serious. We recommend to avoid the risk of penalties and further scrutiny. This will certainly also benefit your position in any labor dispute. We will be pleased to provide guidance.

Business migration
Foreign specialists working in Russia will require visa and work permits. This also holds true for foreign managers, investors, entrepreneurs and their accompanying family members. We can help you understand options and provide support in the process of obtaining visas and work permits.

If you wish to recruit local personnel in Russia, please contact our partner Juralink G-nius.

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