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Juralink is a Dutch owned law firm specialized in Russia.  We provide legal advice and support to SME businesses, international corporations and private persons. We have done so for 20 years, from our offices in Russia and the Netherlands. Our team of lawyers has all relevant legal expertise as well as language and cultural skills to add value to your business. As your "legal link" we can help you solve any matters related to your business or family issues in Russia.

Specialisms of Juralink

These are some of our services. For a complete overview please see under Services.

Given the importance of a written contract in Russia, it is advisable to have your contract checked by a local lawyer for compliance with and enforceability under Russian law. An advance fee quote is available from us.

Customs questions range from assistance with import, stopping illegal import, and advice or representation in disputes with customs authorities.

Does payment for products or services remain outstanding? With formal letters and phone calls in the debtor's own language, we can significantly increase the pressure. Or we start a court procedure for debt collection.

We have wide experience in marriage and divorce issues under Russian law or involving Russian property. Issues involving care, visiting rights and alimony for kids, or even kidnapping. We can assure you of our dedicated attention. We also offer our services in Ukraine.

What are the requirements according to GDPR when you exchange data with Russia. Or which Russian privacy rules do you have to comply with?

Local registration may be required to protect your IP rights, for instance for (sub-)license agreements. We have special expertise in the registration of rights to plant races, such as potatoes, onions and flowers. The pride of many Dutch growers!

Russian labour law is very protective of the “weaker” party. So you must comply with a lot of mandatory Russian labour regulations. When having foreign personnel in Russia, visa and work permits present an extra challenge. Do not risk penalties and ask us to check!

We can advise you on Russian tax issues, (CIT, VAT etc.) as well as options for international tax structuring. Our experts will be happy to prepare customised advice.

Why Juralink?

  • Start your business in Russia only after talking to Juralink. Good preparations are important and can save you the headache!

  • Juralink really helped us well.  They pointed out issues which had escaped my attention and gave solutions.

  • Legal AND business.  Juralink offers total solutions for all your legal matters in Russia. From advice to actual support, with attention for your commercial and operational interests!


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