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Juralink offers family law expertise in Russia, but also in Ukraine (via our local partner).


We wish you the best of happiness in your (future) marriage. In all the joy, please do not forget to put some mutual agreements on paper – just in case. Let us know if you would like some help on making marital conditions in Russia.

Divorce matters

Facing a divorce or other matrimonial problem is never an easy time. Our experts can help you manage this difficult process and guide you through the stressful time making sound decisions for your future and the future of your dearest ones. Matters such as child custody and visitation rights, child support, alimony and the division of property require an understanding of both local and international aspects. Our experienced divorce attorney in Russia can advise and represent you. Where necessary, we will co-operate with Dutch experts.

In an attempt to minimize the emotional impact of divorce or separation on both spouses and children, we encourage open, respectful and amicable solutions through negotiations. Sometimes however a court case cannot be avoided. A good attorney will stand by your side and pro-actively protect your interests. Did you know that it is possible to modify or terminate existing out of court agreements for alimony and child custody even after divorce?

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Sadly, it happens that one parent leaves home with the children and moves abroad against the will of the other parent. This is effectively kidnapping. Re-uniting the child with both father and mother in one home may be difficult, but at least every child has the basic right to see both its father and its mother on a regular basis. We will do our best to help realize this.

Inheritance matters

Inheritance issues with a foreign, Russian, element can be quite complex and you may find that help is needed to interact with the authorities of a foreign jurisdiction. It is wise to consult with a local attorney before claiming an inheritance or opening any other actions in probate. Juralink experts can help you at all stages of the Russian inheritance process: inheritance application, accounting of decedent’s assets, accession to the heirship and obtaining of property titles, enforcement of your inheritance rights in court, inheritance and will disputes.

Migration and nationality

International relations and marriages bring new challenges and opportunities for immigration and nationalization. In general, spouses and family members benefit from easier immigration conditions. But there are still rules to comply with, and you will need to sustain yourself and your family. Conflicting rules may apply to children born (in a third country) from mixed relations. We can help you get a clear picture of the rules and possibilities.

We also have good expertise in immigration to the Netherlands.



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12 july 2021

Changes in Russian migration legislation

As of 29 December 2021, important changes in Russian migration legislation will enter into force.

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