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Juralink provides its clients with top-quality advice on following antitrust issues:

  • General legal advice on application of Antitrust law and Advertisement law in Russia;
  • Filing FAS notifications or obtaining of FAS approvals for purchase of shares in or assets and rights with respect to legal entities, as well as obtaining FAS approval for the reorganization and setting up of companies or joint ventures;
  • Antitrust compliance analysis within the framework of M&A transactions and due diligence procedures;
  • Antitrust compliance analysis for commercial agreements and policies.

Our practical advice takes into account economic aspects and provides creative solutions without compromising on legal standards. If your business requires guidance on Russian antitrust issues, it is better to consult with an expert before the matter will become critical or you will face a FAS audit and significant fines.

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03 february 2023

Further restrictions on shareholders' rights

Rights restrictions of “unfriendly“ shareholders participating in big russian market players

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