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Of course we can advise you on any issues with relation to private income tax in Russia, Corporate Income Tax, VAT, interest and dividend withholding taxes and relevant double tax treaties. After termination of the Netherlands-Russian Double Tax Treaty by Russia, this will cease to be effective from 1 January 2022.

International tax planning is useful to structure the organization of your business and minimize tax expenditure. International tax structures are currently under scrutiny by local governments and international organizations, and are strongly influenced by rapidly changing laws and planned changes in tax treaties. Juralink supports new companies and their shareholders in optimizing their long-term operating and financing structure from a tax perspective. Existing companies and their owners can count on active advice and the identification of interesting legal tax alternatives. Our tax expert will be happy to get in touch.

Please note that Juralink complies with applicable anti-terrorism and anti-money laundering laws and complies with the required Know Your Client procedures.

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12 july 2021

Changes in Russian migration legislation

As of 29 December 2021, important changes in Russian migration legislation will enter into force.

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