Real estate in Russia

Commercial real estate issues in Russia may range from real estate transactions such as sale to property use such as lease.

Purchase and selling of real estate- industrial and agricultural complexes

We provide comprehensive advice on purchasing and selling of property by way of asset or share deals, as well as perform the requisite due diligence. Due to the lastest localization trend in Russia we are active in advising on complex issues related to acquisition/divestiture of agricultural and industrial real estate assets, as well as establishment of real estate joint ventures. Our specialists will help you maximize your returns and minimize your risks by identifying and creating the most appropriate deal structure and guide you on the tax efficient solutions and innovative financing methods.

Property lease of real estate

When it comes to the commercial use of real estate in Russia carefully drafted lease agreements can be crucial. Juralink has broad experience in drawing up such agreements for ground and office leases, sale-leaseback arrangements, subleases and more. We provide expert advice on all the relevant stages of the landlord and tenant relationship from the pre-agreement negotiation phase until the end of relationship and possible dispute resolution.

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Further restrictions on shareholders' rights

Rights restrictions of “unfriendly“ shareholders participating in big russian market players

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