Five Reasons to Invest in Belarus

  1. Being a member of the Eurasian Economic Union, Belarus gives its investors access to the markets of Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan with 184 000 000 consumers. 
  2. Belarus can not boast of plentiful mineral resources. However, it has another treasure:  its talented and educated people.  Belarus was called the “assembly shop” of the Soviet Union.  It has 52 universities, 16 000 IT graduates each year.  Belarusians are highly qualified in medicine, IT, mechanical engineering, construction, agriculture and in other fields.
  3. The capital of Minsk is only 2 hours by plane from most European capitals. Belarus has extensive and well-taken-care-of network of roads, highways and railways making the country very suitable for transit.
  4. The Belarusian government strives to make Belarus a heaven for IT start-ups as well as for the IT “veterans”.  Hi-Tech Park (HTP) has been functioning since 2005. IT companies in HTP are exempt from all corporate taxes, including VAT and profit tax, as well as from customs duties, etc.  About 1,2 billion people all over the world use the mobile apps developed by HTP residents. Belarus has one of the world’s most progressive IT legislation. The Decree of 2018 On Development of Digital Economy, among many other things, made cryptocurrency exchanges, mining, smart-contract, blockchain, etc.  legal.  Operations with tokens (mining, buying, exchange, etc.) are VAT exempt.
  5. The country is friendly to investors. It has six free economic zones and there is a National Agency on Investments and Privatization.  Being an element of the so-called “Silk Road”, the Great Stone Industrial Park recently established with active Chinese participation welcomes new members.  It is a big-scale project with the prospect of becoming a large transnational business hub.

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