Importers’ additional obligations from July 2021

Since the beginning of 2021 the Decree of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia N 478 came into force that implemented the obligation for the applicants of conformity declarations for products manufactured outside the territory of Russia or EAEU to specify the GLN (Global Location Number) in relation to the place of products manufacturing, as well as the GTIN (Global Trade Item Number), which allows to identify the object of declaration in the course of the declaration registration. 

These codes can be obtained by registering with the GS1 association (an international organization that deals with the standardization of accounting and bar coding of goods).

However, after numerous appeals from the business community representatives the implementation deadline was resceduled for the July 1, 2021 and the transition period was specified as follows:

1. The GLN code is specified only if available – until July 1, 2021.

2. The GTIN code is specified if available.

Currently, membership in GS1 is voluntary and the lack of the above mentioned codes and, accordingly, the impossibility of entering it into a specialized service for automated electronic registration of conformity declarations does not prevent the registration of such declarations. Still if the receipt of GLN code will become mandatory from July 1, 2021, importers will have to be registered with the GS1 association, which will incur additional costs and administration. 

Please check with your logistic department, if your company could be affected by the new regulation, to be prepared or initiate the necessary steps in advance.

We’ll keep you posted.

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