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From October 1, 2013, the immigration policy has changed with respect to wealthy foreigners. A wealthy foreigner can now more easily obtain a temporary residence permit for the Netherlands. The conditions are as follows:

- The wealthy foreigner invests an amount of at least € 1,250,000 Euro in a company in the Netherlands.
- The investment is made by transer of the amount in a bank account of a Dutch bank or a bank of an EU Member State, based in the Netherlands and under the supervision of the Dutch Central Bank.
- The investment has added value to the Dutch economy. This is tested by the NL Agency on the basis of a points system. The origin of the assets is assessed, in order to prevent the system being abused for the purpose of money laundering.

The residence permit for the wealthy stranger gives a temporary right (one year) to stay in the Netherlands as well as free access to the labor market. To be eligible for a permanent residence permit or a Dutch passport, the wealthy foreigner must apply for another permit.