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In our practice we see many questions relating to nationality, marriage and emigration.

Nationality, emigration

We will be pleae to advise you on the consequences of moving to Russia or marriage to a Russian spouse. This may have important effects for your nationality or future visa regime. It is important to take these matters into account timely.


In mixed marriages, it may be unclear which matrimonial property law is applicable. Or which rules apply with respect to property in Russia. We can advise you. We may also represent spouses in a Russian divorce case.

Parental rights, child abduction

Divorce often limits the contact of the child with one of the parents. Cases of child abduction are even more sad. We are happy to assist you as best as we can in providing consultation or representing you in court cases.
Succession law

Advising on wills, settling inheritances, effectuating the interests of heirs in Russia or outside.

We have a special rate for legal advice to private persons. Our attorneys in Russia do not, however, take cases "pro bono" (Dutch system "pro deo", appointed lawyer).