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Juralink will be glad to offer you a truly comprehensive range of legal services in regard to the strategic IP counseling, registration and administration of your IPR in Russia, as well as their enforcement against the infringers including negotiations, mediation and arbitration procedures, as well as dispute resolution in Russian courts.

We can assist you with following services:

  1. Acquisition of patents and trademarks,
  2. Negotiation and drafting of licenses agreements or alienation of IPR rights,
  3. Advise on IP intra group structuring with practical hints to maximize revenues for tax purposes,
  4. Application for registration, modification of franchise and license agreements,
  5. Registration of trademarks with the customs authorities exercising to fight and prevent grey imports,
  6. Litigation, dispute resolution and anti-piracy initiatives.


Plant varieties, animal races

Having a long and close cooperation with international breeding companies we developed a thorough expertise in the field of plant varieties’ protection. Our clients benefit from the experience of Juralink’s professionals dealing with the specialized authorities: Gossort commission (acquisition of BPR patents and registration of license agreements for BPR) and Rosselkhoznadzor (obtaining the phytosanitary or veterinary certificates for import of plants or pedigree animals). Please find some further details on registration of plant varieties>>.

Risks of improper IP registration in Russia

Keep in mind that the lack of application or failure to properly file for protection of your IPR in Russia can result in an author’s ideas being stolen or used with no recourse. Furthermore, as patents are valid only for a definite period of time and a regular update of application is required - failure of such update can result in loss of protection and remedies for the titleholder.

Important assets also in Russia

Nowadays an expertise of company’s IPR portfolio becomes an integral part of legal due diligence while developing an entrance strategy to the Russian market, placing a new product, starting cooperation with Russian counterparties or planning any other investment project. We can provide you with a wide range of IP services on all pending issues offering clients reliable budgets and cost-effective solutions.