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Products for import in Russia must comply with Russian certification and quality compliance regulations. These regulations apply to the vast majority of consumer and capital goods.

It is important to consider certification issues timely, before products actually arrive at the Russian border. Certification will require expert review and sometimes testing.  Only licensed bodies may issue certificates. As certification regulations change, it is good to get regular updates. We will be happy to give you guidance in this process. We may also review and adapt your contracts to limit certification obligations on your part and leave them with the Russian buyer.

Below are some of the most common certificates. EAC TR is gradually replacing GOST certificates. The dates and transfer periods differ for every product group as set out in the relevant Technical Regulation.

GOST-R Certificate of Conformity;

GOST-R Declaration of Conformity;

EAC TR (Eurasian Union Technical Regulation) Certificate of Conformity;

EAC TR (Eurasian Union Technical Regulation) Declaration of Conformity;

State Registration Certificate (former hygiene);

Fire Safety Certificate;

RTN (Industrial Safety) Certificate;

Industrial Safely Expert Review.